Thursday, December 3, 2009

my quotes!

there are many words said by us all in each day. but some of them kept sticking in mind. here some of mine!

"life is hard, just get tougher"
-words to a girl who just being dumped.

"there's reason why the sky doesn't always blue"
-words to myself when i cry.

"lie only one alpha' short than life"
-i whisper to the person i lie to

"everything has it's own tide, surf it"
-said to my friend when we both ate maggi for whole month (money issue)

"with great horsepower, comes great handling"
-my words to a person who just install turbo a week before crash

"FR makes fast car, FF makes fast driver"
-when my car was beaten by a mean honda. XD

"speeding not stupid because it's pure skills"
-to a girl who hate racing so much

"why run if you can walk"
-dedicated to my mother..hehe..

actually there's a lot more. but enough of me. let's read others quote that i love!

"you win some,lose some and wreck some"
-dale earnheartd sr.

"auto racing is boring except when a car is going 172mph upside down"
-dave barry

"to finish first, you must first finish"
-rick mears

"aerodynamics is for those who cannot manufacture good engines"
-enzo ferrari

"the crashes people remember, but drivers remember the near misses"
-mario andretti

"they've only got two hands and two feet, haven't they? i can dust'em off"
-glen "fireball"

"alcohol for drinking. gas for cleaning parts. nitro for racing"

"driver of genuine 'kill yourself kit' employment"
-onlin davis

"success is where preparation and opportunity meet"
-bobby unser

"if you keep running, you'll get something"
-richard petty

"no one wants to quit when he's losing and no one wants to quit when he's winning"
-richard petty

"what is power without control"
-keichi tsuchiya

"men with guts attack those corners"
-keichi tsuchiya

wallah!! there you go. have a nice day!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

self research

since i eagerly want to know who i am. i did study my behavior well recently. so here we go.

i am a right brained dominant person.
i see the world in my own unique way.
i make decisions intuitively.
i processes information in a rapid, spatial, and perceptual manner.
i concentrates more on emotion than logic.
i rely on imagination when finding solutions to problems.
i operate in a nonlinear, simultaneous style.
i tend to think visually-spatially more than verbally.

i do not have stable emotion control.
i don't really care for being around people.
i love to convince myself of things that aren't true.
i am constantly put myself down.
i always convince myself that i don't deserve anything good.
i hate compliments.
i often think of who i am, but only the negative comes to mind.
i am trying to match myself to an impossible standard.
i lie because i mistake it for the truth.
i believe others are lying to make me feeling better.
i cant stop from lying to myself.
i pretend
to be all together but i barely breathing.
i tend to hurt myself on the inside.
i enjoy from helping someone in a sad situation or being a grief counselor.
i tend to feel secluded from others.
i have little confidence which doesn't help with socialising.
i am only extremely reliable if i want too.
i do not have rules of engagement.
i am aggressive in silent way.
i am persistence on something pay off.
i was one of society part although people may not want too.
i have a bold personality.
i likes things done all at once, and not in small stages.
i am self centered person.
i am reckless and easily manipulated by situation.
i do have temper problem.
always wanted to be protected,loved, and adored.
i enjoy most of my time being alone or in small group.
i easily turned into "cold" mood when depressed.
i tried to see the good in life but have fallen short.
i am a bit out of norm.
i am pissed off that people won't accept me for who i am.
i often said to be rude but it's the way of who i am.
i hardly cry and only do when i am angry or badly hurt.
i am one rebellious person.

there! some of the facts that i've found. its far complicated actually. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

current life

currently i'm spending most of my time by exercising and sleeping. life start at midnight. dunno why. but it's like a symptom. playing badminton for 2 hours and running half an hour. it's tiresome. sleep for almost 6 hour. it's killing my time. but for god sake. i'm enjoying it.

i mean. without any problem to think over or anyone to take care. life flow fluently smooth. unlike before. where i've got tremendous things to get over with. not to forget being like 7 eleven to girl. what i mean? here funny facts of girls.

1)you have to be around them 24/7. just like 7 eleven.
2)you have to report any activities just like working at 7 eleven.
3)you have to work damn hard to kept them satisfied. but at the end. she cut your payment. not paying of most of the time.
4)you have to start boring conversation just to kept she felt appreciated.
5)you have to be un-literally a slave. haha. :)

it's true. people says relation need commitment. but to me. relation need space. i'm taking a huge space by this sem break. not taking anyone to be the one. but trying to pampered myself with a lot of enjoyment. rather than emotion. the rule is simple.

"everything has it's own tide. surf it!"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

teman sejati

sedarkah kau aku tetap disini
meniti hari disamping kau
pernahkah kau menoleh ke sini
dimana kau selalu terlupa

melihat kau ketawa dan menangis
mendengar setiap rintihan hati
merasa kepedihan luka kau
mengisi setiap ruang kosong hati

tolonglah sedar aku disini
tercipta untuk menemani kau
hingga saat terakhir kau disini
aku akan tetap disisi kau

percayalah kau tak kan pernah
rasa sendiri lagi kemudian hari
berpalinglah kepada diri ku
bayang bayang mu..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

21 guns!

Do you know what's worth fighting for?
When it's not worth dying for?
Does it take your breath away
And you feel yourself suffocating?

Does the pain weigh out the pride?
And you look for a place to hide?
Did someone break your heart inside?
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms, give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I

When you're at the end of the road
And you lost all sense of control
And your thoughts have taken their toll
When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul

Your faith walks on broken glass
And the hangover doesn't pass
Nothing's ever built to last
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms, give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I

Did you try to live on your own
When you burned down the house and home?
Did you stand too close to the fire
Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone?

When it's time to live and let die
And you can't get another try
Something inside this heart has died
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms, give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms, give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky, you and I

such a good songs. luv it. hahaha..

*currently busy with sleeping because hating economy so much!
it feels like failing it. but still. gonna try it. hahaha

Friday, September 18, 2009

victory days

in few hours we will observe the scene where people will celebrate something that annually occurs. it's called aidilfitri. or in malaysia we called it as "hari raya". the days of victory as said in our holy book. it is. but there is two perspective here.

1)let those who fight against their temptation celebrate their victory. as they have won the war. and heaven blessed the victory.

2)to those who lose the fight against that war. it's about time to receive the reinforcement from hell.

actually i view ramadhan as a month of war. it is unliterally a war between our lust and our faith. who ever win or lose. both celebrate syawal. why? because right after the ramadhan all of us will some sort of forgetting what the mean of this war. it is so annual phenomenon that we'll forget what the war have tought us. we won't fight against our lust outside of ramadhan but instead we going to wait till the next one. will we be there next year?

stop saying god's will.
start asking will we?

when we we're celebrating the days of victory. we forgot that the real enemy now is back. we turn our guard down isn't it? we are such a bunch of idiots. who really think we're going to make it there.
just because we did what our ancestors did.
just because we believe what our ancestors believe.
just because we think we are good enough.

owhohoho. shut it up. being a religous people isn't that simple. it's far more complicated road that lies between the easy spiritual belief. trust me. i'm taking based on personal experience of aspostasy. i've study the religion from the outside view back there. and what i saw is.

religon is like an abstract art. it's simple and beauty.
but beneath it. lies thousand meaning.


whatever it is. i think most of you didn't get it.
happy "hari raya".

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

losing another level

recently i was losing my sanity.
i've become cold,quiet and rebellious.
it's not that i'm liking it.
but i'm moving towards it.
i was so out of the mood.
it's like everyone was turning back.
it's like everything was fading away.
so i guess i just turned away from all this nonsense.
the more i think,care or love.
the more it's hurt.
so i'm leaving.

to dearest father:
"save your penny for other siblings. i know i'm not your fav. i'll pay back if you want."
to dearest mother:
"cry as much as you can. coz after you gone. it's me who will cry for you. not them"
to dearest sister:
"you the smart ass around here. you'll figured out someday who i am"
to dearest brother:
"you take care of this family one day. when that day come. i'm out of it"
to dearest family:
"i know i'm the youngest. but it doesn't means that i'm the one to be fooled,controlled and judged around here. i've been enduring to survive in this house. why? because everytime i get in. there'll be something wrong relating to me. and the worst part. i don't give a shit about it. i talk,shout or do what i want. deal with it or fold me out. and i'm strongly oppose the quotation 'my home,my paradise'. simply because paradise is nothing near that i can be. i'm burning inside this house. coz no one seems to understand me. "

and then i would like to say that.

"supposely i should respect all of my family. but as long as you didn't. i'm ain't giving any shit."

to all followers who given award,raya card and etc.
i'm not going to post it here on my blog.
but i do kept it on personal external hardisk.
really appreciate them. thanx.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Oreta awai tsubasa
Kimi wa sukoshi
Aosugiru sora ni tsukareta dake sa
Mou dareka no tame janakute
Jibun no tame ni waratte ii yo

Izen to shite shinobiyoru kodoku
Uchigawa ni tomoru rousoku
Nigiwau ba ni gouka na shanderia to wa urahara ni
Tarinai kotoba no
Kubomi o nani de umetara ii n’ darou
Mou wakaranai yo
Semete yume no naka de
Jiyuu ni oyogetara anna sora mo iranai no ni
Kinou made no koto wo
Nuritsubusa nakute mo asu ni mukaeru no ni

Oreta awai tsubasa
Kimi wa sukoshi
Aosugiru sora ni tsukareta dake sa
Mou dareka no tame ja nakute
Jibun no tame ni waratte ii yo

Rettoukan to no wakai wa
Kantan ni wa kanawanaisa
Jiishiki no teppen ni suwaru
Kagami ga utsusu hanabira
Furishiboru you ni
Kogoreta ai wo sakende miru keredo
Meguru toki no naka de
Kizuguchi wa yagate
Kasabuta ni kowatte iku
Kimi wa sore o matazu
Totemo utsukushiku
Totemo hakanage de

Hagare ochita ato no
Ubuge no you ni
Hiwamari no naka de furueru inori
Ima wa muri ni dareka no koto wo
Ai sou to omowanakute ii no ni

Toki ni kono sekai wa
Ue wo muite
Aruku ni wa sukoshi mabushii sugiru ne
Shizumu you ni
Me wo fuseru to
Kawaita chimen ga namida wo susuru
Why do you feel so
Alone anytime
Subete wo uketomenakute ii yo
Why do you feel so
Alone anytime
Koraeru koto dakedo
Yuuki ja nai

translation is provided below!

Your folded pale wings
are just a little tired from the overly blue sky
You don’t have to force your smile for anyone else
It’s alright to smile only for yourself

Loneliness continues to creep up on me,
a candle alight on the inside
Such a gorgeous chandelier
shouldn’t be at a crowded party, like this one
Why should I bury it all
in the emptiness of words that are lacking?
I don’t know anymore

As long as we can swim freely in our dreams,
we don’t need the sky anymore
Even if I can’t paint over everything
that happened up until yesterday,
I’ll still come out to meet you tomorrow

Your folded pale wings
are just a little tired from the overly blue sky
You don’t have to force your smile for anyone else
It’s alright to smile only for yourself

Inferiority complexes and reconciliations
aren’t things that will come true so easily
The mirror that remains
at the top of self-consciousness reflects flower petals
It looks like my voice is strained
from trying to cry out with an impure love
It’s irritating

In these changing times,
wounds will soon turn into scabs
Without waiting for that to happens,
you’re so beautiful, and so fleeting…

Prayers shiver in the sun,
like traces of down that have come loose
It’s alright to not think about loving someone
as being too much for you right now

Sometimes this world is a little bit too dazzling
to walk looking upward in
When you cast your eyes down,
as though sinking, the dry ground slurps up your tears

Why do we feel so alone anytime?
You don’t have to take on everything
Why do we feel so alone anytime?
Just putting up with it isn’t courage

lets sing a song! a japanese one! actually bleach anime OST... yeay2! nice song for me now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

di ambang merdeka

okay. di pendekkan kisah. malam merdeka aku bertolak ke Port Dickson memandang ada info yang mengatakan tiada pertunjukan bunga api di putra jaya. selepas berasap naga(shisha) kt rumah member. kitorang lepak dataran apa tah. yang ada bdk2 main mercun das. boleh la tu...kira bunga api. sambung kemudiannya bertolak ke KL untuk besahur. dan terjadilah event dibawah..hehe.

lebih kurang sejam tersekat kat situ. kereta polis tutup jalan dengan melintangkan kereta di tengah jalan. ada la 3 bijik melintang. dan ianya dilakukan di kedua2 belah jalan. aku xpaham tol. huhu. setelah trafik mula bergerak video dibawah pula telah diambil. :P

kesimpulan malam merdeka!

1)polis bodoh nyusahkan orang
2)hambar punyer merdeka
3)esoknya minyak naik harga.

the end.. :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

sensitive issues

i was instructed to write around 3000 to 4000 words regarding cloning and what i find is that the argument is more on opposing it. but most of them are irrelevant to my eyes. taking example the anti-cloning society is listed below. (i include an opposing statement)

1-challenging god and religious threat

counter argument:
as some people might made us wonder if we take the power of creation what is left to god? here i would like to stress that god is the sole creatorbut god main purpose in life is not creating but guiding. it's guide us towards a better life. so are science. it leads to better life if we can archieve excelent in cloning. bare in mind that i still remember a christian quote says that "god create us in his image,so what we create is his too" there is nothing to be prolonged here as it is clearly stated that what god really want us to do is improving life of human mankind in the path of light. so it is proven that it is vital for us to excel in science in order to complete the god's will. furthermore islam quote also said in quran "human knowledge is nothing more than the bubbles on the ocean". yet we're arguing about god? back to the meaning of cloning. it is a copy. we don't really create. the end of human mankind might be written in one of the islamic scholars quote. "human in the end of days are haunted by excessive worry". so stop worrying or face the end.

2-moral and ethics of cloning

cunter argument:

cloning purpose is to replicate and not revolutioning the human kind. we need clone to assist in human fatal diseases. when we talking about moral. is it moral enough to put a stop before we even trying? we must try first about cloning because we can only predict not decide. i say we take the risk for better life than stop for the angel of death to come. if an organ farm could save life we should done it rather than taking the organ of the dead people. it is more immoral to take persons belonging than replicate others belonging. all things in life have pros and cons. we must minimize the cons. then prevent the technology from being misused. that is how life cycle. if we hate so much about science of cloning. we might not be able to archieve what we have now.

3-overpopulation and food crisis

cloning have a lot of branch. stem cell research is one of those. if it can be boost that mean we can have an artifical food that might have the same nutrious value but it is simpler to grow. that solve the problem. regarding the overpopulation. the cloning technology is the solution. if we could peak at these technology for sure the other technology also improved. such as migrating the clone to artifical island. what does make the difference anyway. our mankind nowadays is repeatedly attack by fatal virus.killing many people. if we gave up on the cloning or stem cell research then we could end up without any cure to these pandemic issues.

4-cloning proven to be easier to die

that is because we don't peak at it till now. so the research must go on right? to preven another death in the clone??

5-what right do we have to experiment a human(clone)

we do have the right as the dna samples is taken from the human host which agreed about it. and we also do our best to ensure the clone life. it's not like we're not trying to do anything. we try to improve the clone life.

any other argument need to be opposed? feel free to post on the comment.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

suratan atau kebetulan

Name 7 things about yourself that people might find it interesting .
-i hate my own self
-i don't believe in my self
-i tend to remain silent in crowd
-i tend to have a "harsh" joke with friends
-i can sleep minimum per day 1hour
- i can sleep maximum per day 24 hour straight
-i'm not really sane person (i think)

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
6. Have Fun!

**let it be-benny benassi**
(yeah..let it be okay!)

**pagi yang gelap-hujan**

**ready to love-yui**
(in girls only!)


(aku rasa ada harta nenek moyang kt sana)

**jauh mimpiku-peterpan**
(mari..aku nak jauh dari mimpiku~)

**party night-orange range**
(patot dapat lagu laen da..)

**wait and bleed-slipknot**
(hahaha...they wait and bleed!)

**enter this kosmos-komplot**
(huh?? enter this kosmos?)

**hash pipe-weezer**
(tepat sekali untuk bob!)

**whatever it takes-lifehouse**
(yep. wateva~)

**pelangi petang- def gab c**
(wah..sungguh2 hiperbola?)

(kena la pulak..hehe)

**asterisk-orange range**
(apahal aku kawin nyanyi ost anime bleach?!)

**fly-hillary duff**
(no comment)

**disana menanti disini menunggu-ukays**
(main nyorok2 kot?)

**mimpi yang tak sudah-ibnor riza**
(memang! haha)

**now your gone-dj alex remix**

**around the world-initial d**

**anthem of the world-stratovarius**
(yup. they are!)

**suratan atau kebetulan-salon premelodic**
(okay..tajuk dia..)

done! using 1281 songs from winamp.

tibalah masanya utk aku umumkan 10 penerima tag ni.
1. anda
2. awak
3. saudari
4. saudara
5. encik
6. cik
7. kamu
8. kalian
9. you
10. korang la yg bca smpai no 10 nih..heheh
selamat menjawab k...

Monday, August 17, 2009

race 101 (car)

this is written like a FAQ's but it will assist you in street racing!

1-what is street racing

an illegal racing on open street with pedestrian and traffic.

2-how is street racing begun

light drag
it's all started as a revving contest between two cars at traffic light. when the lights go green, both car go grind their throttle. race finish when you reach the other light or one of the car is ease up.

slicing battle/highway battle
it begun when one car is tailgating other car. then the chasing car is trying to keep up or overtake while the front car try to lose the chasing car. race end when both car pulled away.

organized sprint/circuit
everything is set up and deal before the race. it may begin anywhere and end anywhere. the first one cross the finish point is the winner.

FYI, this is the major type street car racing that is famous in malaysia.
there are still a lot of street racing type out there.

3-how to recognize street racing is on going.(to pedestrian and traffic)

the sound of engine,exhaust,tyre spins and high beam would be a good sign. so get out of the way or else.

4-what is street racer good habits?

after the race lower your window and put the signal thumbs up! and if you
good enough a meet up after the race to trade information would be awesome.

5-things to become good in street racing

do not hesitate any action you about to do. if you've done this, you might end up in a collision or else.

bravery and wise
this two element shouldn't be seperated or you end up losing or dying. being brave is a leap ahead but brave doesn't mean anything if you're not wise enough to curb you bravery.

in a race adrenaline rush is a factor of faster response. but anger can be deadly if they the one who control you. try to ease up in a race so that your mind will be 100% on track.

even though your fighting with your life in street racing but bare in mind dirty tactics will only cost your life sooner or later. try to accept your defeat as it might teach you the techniques that you never know before.

6-which way is better in cornering. gripping or drifting.

gripping would be the best cornering in most corner because maximum motion force is delivered through all tyres. drifting would be the best cornering in tight corner because it losen up your grip so your car would turn without suffer excessive braking.

7-how to take a gripping corner

gripping corner require early braking. but braking doesn't always mean you pushing your brake pedals. you may do so by dropping to lower gear too. when entering the corner, target the apex of it so that you can minimize your length in the corners taking. while exiting the corner try to pull away from the apex to give a longer straight line so that your car would recover the speed lost in cornering. the golden rule is not to brake while inside the corner or your car would be dragged to out of the corner due to excessive momentum. throttle flooring is good in cornering because the faster you go the better the tyre holding the street. but avoid overspin!
gripping corner require planning the corner line so that you can maximize the corner layout.

8-how to take drifting corner

there's a few techniques like feint movement,e-braking,braking and many more. but the concept used is the same. loosen up the rear tyre grip so that your car would enter the corner without suffering vast acceleration lag like the gripping corner. before entering the corner make sure your car front is pointing towards the corner apex. enter the corner while countersteer so the car wouldn't spin out. this can be done by throttle,braking,clutching and steering. finally exit the corner with minimal countersteering or you might end up your car in the feint movement again which might be a waste of time. drifting is easy to learn but hard to be perfect. even keichi the drift king couldn't make it all the time perfect. why? as he said "it's all about physics balanced and dynamics"

9-how to shift faster

shifting faster is all about practice. brush up your foot and hand movement. there's other solution but it require mechanical upgrade.

10-how to tailgating

push your car as close as possible to the front car. the mark would be you can see almost the same size of your light at his bumper reflection or you can't see your bumper on his rear bumper. tailgating could improve your car speed as it reduce air resistance. but don't kiss the car on the front.

11-how to prevent collision when tailgating

brake as the red flash. this solve the problem all the time. while braking try to steer to other direction so that you wouldn't knock front car butt. knowing your car and the front car braking capability would be an important key. if you have brembo or abs while the front is slut braking system. you have nothing to worry as the braking distance advantage is with you. but just be ready with your brake when tailgating or you end up tail kissing.

12-which car is better? 4wd,fwd or rwd.

4wd would be a great drag and sprint car. all tyre's is moving and it's transmission is tough enough for road bashing. however it would reduce the engine capacity as it need more power to move all tyre. fwd would be the car with the best safety measures as you can feel the grip limit easily and this allow you to know your car better. but it's often suffer from understeer.
rwd would be sharper corner car but it have excessive risk of over spinning. extra precautions is needed to counter steer.

13-automatics or manuals?

i say both! amt or also known as automatic manual transmission. end of this question.
both transmission have pros and cons. and it's too long to write!

14-what is race line?

notice on the offical track there is a tyre marking made by racer? it's all quite similiar. this is race line. it is known as the best line for your race. always use it unless you are overtaking. however radical race line might work too. but to me just follow the flow.

15-what is forced induction?

is a forced created by external force to improve the oxygen pressure(boost) on the inside engine. it can be turbocharge,supercharge,twincharger and ram air.

16-which one is the best system?

turbo is known with it efficency as they create pressure from the waste and create most highest boost. but it have turbo lag. supercharge known to have all the way boost but it draw power from the engine itself which made a drag to it and reduce engine power. twincharger is a perfect solution to forced induction but it is too complicated as it is still new. ram air is rare system used in superbike,supercar and formula 1 car. it create boost at high speed but nil in low speed.
the best? depends on car displacement and usage.

any other questions?? feel free to ask. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

hari ini dan semalam

semalam aku migrain yg amat sgt. separuh kepala(belah kanan) penuh dgn urat sahaja. setelah telan panadol sahaja aku tido(aku xd ubat laen). berakhirnya hari yg memeningkan. hari esok mesti lebih baik kan? kepala hotak hang. hari ini motor aku menerima jantung baru. maksudnya piston baru. mengapa? haa.. ni sebabnya.
ya..piston aku pecah sedikit dan piston ring patah riuk. nescaya itu terpaksa lah aku mengeluarkan duit untuk kali kedua di kedai moto hari ini(kali pertama servis dan kali kedua tukar piston). bukan itu sahaja malahan niat murni ke kelas petang juga terbantut apabila moto jahanam disebelah kampus dan aku terpaksa menolak lebih kurang 3 kilometer ditengah panas. nasib baik ada mat rempit. ya..amalam mat rempit apabila melihat org menolak motor maka mereka akan turut menunda motor anda. mulia sungguh dua bijik motor tersebut. terima kasih kepada rempit rxz itu. dan aku pulang dengan hampa tanpa ilmu dan duit. lebur kt motor dan kedai motor. wuu2~~~

moral: setting motor tu jgn ganas sgt walaupun nk race. disebabkan aku push motor terlebih had aku terpaksa menarik diri dari race. duit lebur kt motor,race xdpt join. ceit! tensyen ah! dh la cover set motor rabak ari tuh jatuh. argh!!!! pastu tukar piston kena pantang. paling laju boleh pergi 80kmh @ rpm 4.5k.
di akhir post ni akhirnya aku migrain mcm semalam balik sebab tensyen mengingatkan motor kesayangan ni. grr...tensyen!!

bagi mengelakkan berulang perkara sama aku post limit motor 125zr standard modified.

gear 1: 60kmh
gear 2: 120kmh
gear 3: 140kmh
gear 4: 160kmh
gear 5: 180kmh
gear 6: 21+kmh

kalau push lagi maka meletoplah 125zr anda.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


aku terlintas tadi di "" ataupun blog kwn aku bernama aziz. pandai budak ni. perbezaan aku dgn dia? cukup jauh. wuu2..spm dia 10a aku 4a. wah2..2.5 kali ganda dia lagi pandai dari aku! dan aku ingat lagi ayat time aku habis exam tengah tahun form 5. aku dgn kwn ajak la dia lepak2. dan dibawah adalah dialog tragis antara kitorang.

aku: aziz xpyh baca buku. exam kn dah habis
aziz: spm kan ada lagi
aku: lama lagi kan..enjoy la sikit
aziz: btol jugak..tapi nk buat apa?(muka berminat)
aku: buat bodoh sudah..lepak2..borak2..
aziz: aku xreti la buat bodoh..sori(sambung baca buku)
aku: . . .(terpaku jap..aku terasa begitu bodoh..wuu2)

apa pun dia ada post ttg zaman sekolah rendah. aku pon teringat. so dibawah adalah cerita yang ada dalam hidup aku zaman sekolah rendah.

1)sakit gigi
adalah satu hari ni member aku muz sakit gigi. aku mula2 kesian. tapi akhirnya aku meluat. sebab time aku tido dia kejut dan buat muka sakit. bila aku suruh ckp dgn cikgu takut. then tgh aku melantak dia xmakan dan buat mata sin chan(besinar2). xhabis dengan tu lepas rehat masa aku tgh maen kejar2 dia cakap dia sakit gigi. tengah aku kepenatan belari tiba2 marah aku dtg. dan tanpa sengaja aku bagi dia makan penumbuk sulung aku(mmg tu first time aku tumbuk org) dan bertaburan 2 butir gigi dia dengan mulut dia dilimpahi darah.
moral: sakit gigi pergi cari doktor bukan kawan

2)tiang oh tiang
disebabkan dulu aku kecik dan banyak tenaga aku kuat main kejar2 sebab aku suka belari. masa kecik aku lain dari sekarang. dulu aku xsuka perempuan kerana menyusahkan tapi sekarang? lebih kurang. merimaskan. cerita terjadi apabila aku main kejar2 dgn kwn aku. sedang aku dribbling dekat tiang tiba2 ada seorang akak ni melintas tanpa bagi signal. aku elak dan akhirnya. "gedegang" bunyi aku menghempas tiang sampai jatuh. pening woo~ tiba2 akak tu angkat kepala aku dan mintak maaf. alahai..cair btol aku. dah la lawa..caring pulak. heh2. sejak dari tu aku mula minat perempuan(harap maklum aku darjah 2 masa tu)
moral: sebelum melintas beri isyarat atau anda menempah kemalangan

3)kerusi dan aku
masa di sekolah rendah kita semua jadi kreatif. pemadam pon boleh bayangkan jadi kereta mainan. tapi aku dan kwn2 aku agak ekstrim apabila kitorang mulakan sukan baru yang asalnya digelar "kejar2". kitorang main "kejar kangaroo". pelik? cara bermain adalah korang main kejar2 atas kerusi dan meja kantin. tengah hebat aku masa tu. tapi bungkusan nasi lemak tidak berbau bungkusan nasi goreng. aku terpijak bungkusan nasi lemak yang berminyak sebelum melompat yang akhirnya menyebabkan aku jatuh. paling tragis leher aku tercucuk dekat bucu kerusi dan kulit leher terkoyak. aku dikejarkan ke pejabat dan cikgu yang cemas tanpa basuh luka terus sapu dettol. pedih!
moral: cemas? panggil 999 kerana ianya talian kecemasan

4)bapak pemalas
masa kecik aku akan bawak beg besar dari badan. dan abg aku gelak. aku kecik xpaham dan gelak balik. tapi setelah mengkaji mengapa beg abg aku cukup kempis aku berjaya mengecilkan beg aku. simpan buku bawah meja atau xbawak langsung. masa darjah satu dah pemalas. dan cikgu aku suka sound. "xbagi pinjaman buku baru tahu!". aku nk tanya. time kecik pernah pulak aku selak buku. korg pernah? hurmm..jadi aku balas cikgu tu dgn ayat "kata pinjam,jgn la buruk siku". dan xpasal2 aku diberikan hadiah berdiri atas kerusi sambil junjung buku teks budak2 satu kelas.
moral: denda sedemikian menjadikan anak murid pendek!

hurmm..byk lagi sebenarnya kisah2 yg xdpt dilupakan. tapi laen2 kali lah aku citer. nk gi beli "bukit dun 14". apa itu dukit dun 14? haha. cuba teka. yaa..jika anda berjaya saya akan bagi anda satu "bukit dun"!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


urm..hari ni merupakan hari di mana blog ni telah dilawat sebanyak 5000 kali. cukup teharu aku. sebab sebelum ni blog ni cuma diketahui oleh kawan2 rapat je. kemudian setelah aku mula "blog walking" aku terjumpa begitu ramai bloggers yang cukup peramah dan baik hati untuk membaca blog aku. dgn ada nya ramai org baca blog aku,aku xrasa keseorangan lagi. rasa mcm ada org hargai aku..wuu2... so..dengan itu aku ingin menghadiahkan award dibawah kepada pengikut2.. terpulang lah apa korg nk buat dgn award tu ye.. yg penting aku nk korg semua tahu yg aku hargai korg.

"no matter who you are..if you reading this. you're someone to me.
eventhough i can't see you,kiss you or hug you.
just letting you know that i really do love you"

p/s:ni istimewa buat follower and friend aku kt blog taw! :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Game time

hari ni aku maen game selepas berbulan lama xsentuh game dkt laptop aku. knp? tah. muak kot. tp pape pon genre game plg aku suka racing la..dan fav game pulak "grid". xpernah dengar yek?? hehehe. mari aku perkenalkan kt korg. dibawah adalah shot aku tgh drive. :)
(aku keter putih..tgh move nk motong..wee~)

(tadaa..cantas org!)

(yg ni lak time aku drift~)
(ni pon time drift2!)

ni game kegemaran. korg ske maen game apa ek?
ps:gambar kurg jelas sebab pki phone tgkp...sori~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

kisah kuning

korg jgn pk bukan2. otak aku masih merah jambu taw. kisah kuning ni sebenarnya kisah ttg seekor kucing bernama kuning. kucing jiran aku.

sebenarnya kucing ni warna oren2 tp xtahu knp die letak nama kuning. kucing sebelumnya bernama farouk. pelik..nama org letak kt kucing. tp yg pasti kucing ni amat manja dgn aku..wee~

tp sbnrnye post ni nk citer yg dier baru beberapa minggu kehilangan permata hidup iaitu anak2. kesemua anaknye mati. yg sulung nama panjang,yg angah nama tengah dan yg bongsu nama pendek.


ps:knp aku tulis post pelik ni? sebab aku tepikir yg
kucing mcm garfield akan baca dan contact aku. :P

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

kisah doktor dan mat rempit

Sebagai seorang doktor yang tugasnya menyelamatkan nyawa manusia,tentulah saya merasa bangga dengan profesion saya ini. Sememangnya inilah cita-cita sebenar saya selama ini. Etika dan sikap profesionalisme sering saya amalkan. Apatah lagi saya juga seorang pensyarah di Pusat Pengajian Perubatan di salah sebuah universiti terkemuka. Saya sering menanamkan dan menekankan aspek insaniah dalam diri bakal-bakal doctor yang merupakan pelajar saya.

Suatu hari yang ditakdirkan Allah, saya di ajar tentang suatu nilai yang saya terlupa oleh seorang mat rempit.

Saya menoleh jam loceng saya. "Ah….baru 3am dan saya baru terlena hanya 2jam sahaja." Tapi,apakan daya kerana tugas,saya terus mencuci muka dan terus menggapai kunci kereta saya. Inilah rutin seorang doltor yang kita kenali sebagai `on call`.

Setelah memecut kenderaan saya,akhirnya saya tiba di bilik kecemasan. Ada satu kes kemalangan. Seorang penunggang cedera parah dan pemboncengnya meninggal dunia di tempat kejadian.

"Tolong doktor..Tolong selamatkan kawan saya," rayu seorang lelaki muda berseluar jean yang koyak dibahagian lututnya. Inilah trend pakaian mat rempit. Setelah 4 jam dibilik pembedahan,mangsa berjaya diselamatkan dan kaki kanannya terpaksa dipotong. Entah mengapa hari itu,terlintas bisikan syaitan dalam hati saya yang menyatakan`you deserve to get it`. Astaghfirualallahal azim, sebagai seorang doktor,saya tidak harus meletakkan prejudis saya sebagai prioriti dalam merawat pesakit. Melihat pesakit saya dari sudut siapa dia sebenarnya adalah salah. Hal ini kerana, dalam merawat dan meyelamatkan pesakit,nyawa setiap manusia begitu bernilai walaupun pada pandangan kita atau sesiapa,dia bukanlah apa-apa.

Keesokan harinya,saya pulang dari hospital agak lewat malam. Kepenatan benar-benar menyebabkan saya tidak sabar untuk tiba di rumah.

"Ah….lampu merah pula!!" Maka saya terus menekan pedal brek dan menunggu giliran sambil mata saya tertumpu pada suatu peristiwa yang menarik. Saya melihat seorang lelaki yang koyak jeannya dilutut menunggang dengan laju melanggar lampu merah tanpa rasa bersalah. Dalam hati saya berdetik "sah mat rempit lagi. Tak ada kerja lain ke selain menyusahkan orang lain." Tiba-tiba saya melihat pemuda itu berhenti,menongkat motornya dan berjalan kedepan.

Saya benar-benar malu pada diri saya sendiri melihat pemuda itu mengambil bangkai kucing yang saya kira baru saja dilanggar petang tadi,mengalihkannya ke tepi jalan agar tidak dipijak hina oleh kenderaan lain.


Saya benar-benar tersedak dengan bisikan hati kecil sendiri. Saya rasakan diri ini sangant mulia apabila menyelamatkan nyawa manusia,tapi tidak terlintas dan tidak sanggup membela bangkai binatang itu padahal ia juga suatu nyawa yang harus dihargai dan dimuliakan. Sedangkan dia seorang mat rempit yang mungkin tidak menghargai nyawanya sendiri boleh meletakkan nilai harga nyawa seekor binatang pada aras yang tinggi. Sesungguhnya Tuhan sedang mengajar saya sesuatu.

Sesungguhnya saya telah belajar sesuatu dari seorang mat rempit. Kemuliaan seseorang itu bukan terletak pada berapa besar dan tingginya jasa dan sumbangan pada sesuatu tetapi dinilai dari berapa besar seseorang itu mengerti makna kewujudan sesuatu dan menghargai.

Ini bukan kisah yang memberi pengajaran bahawa kita juga boleh menjadi mulia walaupun seorang mat rempit,lantas menanam cita-cita untuk menjadi kaki rempit. Namun cerita ini membawa pengajaran bahawa kita tidak boleh terlalu berbangga dengan diri sendiri dan membiarkan prejudis membezakan diri kita dengan golongan lain. Sikap prejudis akan mengurangkan etika dan meruntuhkan sikap profesinalisme yang ada dalam diri kita..

*artikel diculik dari

siapa kata mat rempit bodoh?

siapa berani kata mat rempit bodoh? berhenti menunding jari. lebih baik cermin diri. kerana dibawah adalah fakta belaka!

menurut kajian ukm,11 peratus mat rempit belajar di ipt. dan menurut anggaran pihak polis di raja malaysia 200,000 mat rempit wujud diseluruh negara. kata kementerian pendidikan tinggi seramai 296,236 pelajar diterima ke ipt. data kementerian belia dan sukan seramai 11.10 juta belia di negara ini.


11 peratus dari 200000 diterima ke ipt. mat rempit mewakili 7.4 peratus pelajar ipt.
2.5 peratus belia biasa dari 10.9 juta belia diterima ke ipt. belia biasa mewakili 92.6 peratus pelajar ipt.

mat rempit mewakili 7.4 peratus dari pelajar ipt. mungkin kecil dari belia biasa yang mewakili 92.6 peratus dari pelajar ipt. tapi.. lebih bijak dari belia biasa yang hanya 2.5 peratus dari keseluruhan belia biasa yang berjaya ke ipt berbanding mat rempit yang mana 11 peratus dari keseluruhan mat rempit berjaya ke ipt . nah. kebenaran yang memeritkan.


sumber pengiraan artikel:
kementerian belia dan sukan
kementerian pendidikan tinggi
buletin perangkaan malaysia
polis diraja malaysia
universiti teknologi melaka(utem)
universiti kebangsaan malaysia(ukm)

*pengiraan adalah bedasarkan kajian mat rempit ukm baru2 ini dan statistik 2006 kerana statistik 2007 dan 2008 gagal dijumpai.
*kiraan tidak tepat mungkin,tapi hanya ingin menunjukkan gambaran tentang kenyataan

1)kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga, kerana terjumpa mat rempit bodoh habis semua mat rempit mendapat tempias
2)usah menunding jari lagi ke arah mereka,mari genggam tangan mereka dan keluarkan mereka dari gejala sosial yang kronik
3)jangan kita menghina mereka kerana kadangkala kita tidak sedar kita lagi hina.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

cerita seram kembali~

aiman berjalan pulang menggunakan basikal cabuknya dengan riang. maklumlah, orang dah berteman. adat manusia berkasih sayang dengan pasangan masing masing. walaupun muda lagi aiman nih dah gatal.mungkin kerana masa kecik dia selalu sangat main pasir sampai selalu kena kudis dan gatal gatal.

sebagai pelajar yang terbilang,aiman pulang dan memulakan rutin nya. iaitu memmbute sampai petang tiba. oleh sikap demikianlah aiman berjaya menjadi pelajar terbilang hingga 150 dalam tingkatan. tetapi rutin harian aiman hari ini berubah sedikit. oleh kerana emaknya memekak suruh beli barang dapur untuk makan malam. aiman buat buat tak dengar dan sambung tidurnya yang terganggu oleh bebelan emaknya.

langit mula gelap,kilat menyambar dan guruh berdentum. tersentak aiman dari lenanya dek panggilan alam yang berkata hujan akan turun. sepantas kilat aiman menjenguk keluar. "uish..dh gelap mcm malam". walhal jam baru pukul 5 petang. nak tak nak terpaksalah aiman keluar membeli barang dapur dengan basikalnya di kedai pak ali yang terletak di sebelah masjid.

dalam perjalanan pulang aiman ditembak oleh regim hujan dengan hebat. habis kuyup,namun dek kerana makan malam aiman gagah mengayuh basikalnya. dah separuh jalan tiba tiba kelihatan kelibat makhluk putih berjalan dalam hujan. hari dah la gelap,aiman pulak rabun. mulalah hati aiman berdegup sekencang kencangnya. "pulak dah..pebenda ni".

aiman beranikan diri. tetapi tiba2 dalam kegelapan makhluk berselubung putih itu menoleh. "man...uhuk2(batuk)". aiman mula pucat lesi. "mampus,mana tahu nama aku.". terus aiman memecut basikalnya sepantas kilat. sejurus melintasi makhluk tadi beberapa meter,aiman toleh kebelakang dan melihat makhluk itu seolah mengejarnya.

aiman toleh semula kehadapan dan terlihat beberapa makhluk serupa sedang jalan beramai ramai ke arah yang aiman tuju. "makin ramai pulok dah.."aiman berhenti. niatnya tunggu hingga makhluk itu semua hilang. tetapi tak semena mena sekali lagi namanya diseru dari belakang. makhluk tadi hanya tinggal beberapa belas meter. aiman terkaku dan seolah olah efek filem matrix, aiman mampu melihat titsan hujan jatuh perlahan lahan.

aiman mula panik,macam macam teringat dalam otaknya. cerita ustaznya. hantu takut garam. maka di koyak paket garam yang dibeli tadi untuk makan malam. "alahai...tawar lah lauk malam kang.."makhluk tadi menjerit kepedihan mata sampai terduduk. aiman tersenyum faham, itu respon yang positif. jadi dia mula menyelongkar satu persatu barang dapurnya dari plastik.

makhluk tadi yang kelihatan kembali berdiri sambil menggosok matanya kelihatan menghampiri aiman lagi. lalu aiman keluarkan bawang. "pontianak takut bawang kan..hehe"di rejam makhluk tadi dengan bawang besar. tepat mengenai sasaran aiman di kepala. makhluk tadi tumbang.

namun tidak berputus asa,makhluk tadi merangkak kearah aiman. putus akal si aiman,di balingnya satu plastik yang mengandungi berat muatan tidak kurang 2kilo. "gedebum!" bunyi makhluk tadi dihempap plastik si aiman. lalu dengan bongkak aiman menjerit "padan muke ko setan~!" malangnya makhluk tadi kembali merangkak sambil merangkak"jaga kau aiman!"

tergamam sebentar aiman melihat dedikasi makhluk tadi dalam menggangunya. lalu tidak teragak agak aiman mencapai basikalnya lalu melarikan diri ikut jalan yang jauh untuk pulang. di toleh toleh ke belakang makhluk tadi tidak lagi mengekorinya. setibanya dirumah aiman tidak masuk dan tunggu diluar. takut masuk kedalam seorang.

tiba2 datanglah sahabatnya bernama aidil berpayung pulang dari masjid."woi kenapa ni?"aiman berlari ke arah aidil dan menceritakan adegan seram yang dilaluinya. aidil cuba menenangkan aiman sambil bercerita."tu la kau..cuba bawak pergi masjid macam mak kau.." aiman pelik. "mak aku gi masjid pakai apa. naik apa?". aidil cuba mengingat tapi tak dapat. "tak ingat..ha..tu pon mak kau. panjang umur!"

kelihatan dari jauh emaknya dalam keadaan basah dan berdarah sedikit di kepala. aiman mula pucat lesi seperti nampak makhluk tadi. tidak semena mena emaknya menjerit. "aimaaannn...setan kau!!!!"dalam masa yang sama kilat menyambar dibelakang mak aiman,ala ala citer hantu. menggelupur aiman lari dalam hujan. alangkah terkejutnya aiman apabila mengetahui makhluk tadi adalah emaknya yang pulang dari masjid dalam hujan. nak dibuat cerita emak aiman lupa bawak payung. isk2. anak2 zaman sekarang ni memang ekstrim!

Friday, July 10, 2009


dari dulu aku minat mecha gundam. dari gundam seed sampai dedstiny jer sbnrnya. tapi.. ni sudah lain ni?! aku kalau jumpa lari dulu. lari tangkap gambar..hehe.
gundam setinggi 18 meter ni adalah real scale seperti dalam anime dan manga diorg. makanya..tinggi yang amat. mungkin ramai anggap ianya tugu. betul. tapi..jgn maen2.
kepala robot ini boleh gerak..ha..mana la taw ade ultraman pempuan lalu..leh jengah2. huwah2..
lihat lah..tersergam indah dia dibalik pokok. jangan jengah..mungkin tgh buang air.

kalaulah gundam ni real mecha. mahu aku naik dan pijak org2 disitu..kerdil sgt mcm semut dah aku tgk semua. isk2..apa2 pon hidup gundam..aku suke anime dan mecha diorg. tapi jangan sampai keris kt kelang di curi buat main sudah...wuhuhu~

cerita seram~

malam ini angin sepoi2 bahasa bertiup di kota kuala lumpur. ramai menjangkakan akan berlaku hujan lebat. termasuk rahim. rahim merupakan seorang petugas polis trafik yang sedang melakukan rondaan seperti biasa. akan tetapi rahim tidak sedar akan hadirnya satu lembaga lagi sedang melakukan rondaan. bukan lembaga disiplin sekolah. tetapi lembaga atau digelar "hantu~" berlegar di ruang angkasa mencari mangsa.

rahim mempercepatkan motornya kerana melintasi kawasan kubur lama di lorong sunyi. "meremang bulu roma la pulak~" kata si rahim. "sejuk ke bang?"ada suara sumbang ala mak nyah yang menyahut entah dari mana. rahim menoleh kebelakang dan kelihatan satu lembaga terbang di hujung jalan. secara automatik rahim menjadi mat rempit malam itu melihat hantu. laju bagai peluru sesat meluru. hilaian si lembaga makin kuat dan menakutkan.

apabila polis menjadi mat rempit. tidak ada apa yang boleh kejar termasuk lembaga tadi. kerana motosikal mereka dah tahap superbike dan kebetulan rahim peminat moto gp. memang mcm valentino rosak di bawaknya motor malam tu. tetapi malang tidak berbau durian, kerana musim durian belum tiba lagi. setiba di satu selekoh rahim terjatuh dari motosikalnya. lalu melanggar satu tiang papan tanda. bengkok papan tanda itu!"berat nih! macam mana nak angkat?!". selekoh itu cukup tajam hingga tidak nampak di mana lembaga tersebut. beberapa meter di hadapan selekoh ada simpang berlampu isyarat. rahim terus membuka jurus langkah seribu belari ke tempat terang untuk menghilangkan rasa takut.

hilaian si lembaga semakin kuat menghampiri. lalu rahim tak semena mena menjerit. "awas! jgn......!" lembaga terdiam kebingungan tetapi tetap terbang dengan laju sambil mengomel dalam hati "pejadah awas? dengar mp3 lagu KRU-awas ke apa?" diselekoh rahim terjatuh tadi si lembaga cukup pantas. gayanya mirip superman terbang yang mengalahkan rahim yang corner-96. tiba2 lembaga tersebut terhenti dari terbang dan rebah ke bumi. hilaian lembaga itu turut tersekat seperti katak tertelan epal hijau. rahim pula terguling guling di simpang berlampu isyarat itu. seperti histeria, rahim ketawa meroyan.

apa yang terjadi?! kita undur cerita ini 2 saat kebelakang.

lembaga yang dalam kelajuan maksima seperti aksi impak maksima gagal mengawal tubuhnya apabila tiba tiba ada benda menghalang laluannya.tidak lain dan tidak bukan papan tanda yang dilanggar rahim. papan tanda "awas" itu senget ke arah jalan raya beberapa kaki di udara mengakibatkan lembaga tersebut melanggarnya lalu rebah ke bumi. menggelupur kesakitan lembaga tersebut dek kerasnya papan tanda besi itu. rahim yang menyaksikan kejadian aneh tapi lawak itu terus ketawa terkekek kekek hingga berguling guling di atas jalan raya..sekian.


sebenarnya aku bosan. sebab aku cuma tertido sejam dan xmampu nk tido lagi. jadi aku pon tulis la citer yang menghiburkan hati aku sendiri. wah2..komen k?! xmo komen aku anta lembaga tadi kt korg ikut c-box!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

warning: hobby is haunted

(rc drift tournament joined by navz)

urm..disebabkan xboleh tido..jadi aku boring dan menyelam dalam banyak laman web. tiba2..
aku terbaca dkt myspace. navz upload gambar kt folder rc dia. dia masuk tournament lagi..
(my first car HPI:E10,drift layout)

mengimbau sejarah lama. aku dulu senior dari dia. lebih awal main dan lebih terel sket dari dia. tapi..atas sebab aku berpindah ke kampus kuantan yang sempit. terpaksa aku meninggalkan hobi. dan aku ingat lagi time navz baru je masuk tournament pertama. dia pinjam battery aku. muka mcm kanak2 bawah penyeliaan ibu. tapi sekarang mcm2 dah brubah. dia dah tukar chasis,esc dan controller. aku? aku jadi makin kaku bila main rc. carbon fiber chasis aku makin reput di rumah. dan sayangnya selepas aku melabur lebih kurang rm4k. hobi tersebut terpaksa aku tinggalkan.
(chasis ke-2:lcg or low center gravity,special carbon fiber chasis)

harapan aku disini adalah apabila aku sambung degree aku akan sambung balik rc. cuti mid sem ni aku akan bangunkan sikit demi sikit kereta kesayangan aku yang kesunyian seperti aku. harapan aku x terhenti di situ. aku juga berharap akan berjaya membangunkan semula komuniti rc di tempat aku yang makin lama makin hilang ditelan masa. seperti yang pernah kita rancangkan dulu. kita akan buat rc track. dapatkan juga peruntukkan dari kerajaan negeri.
(re-doing nfs most wanted car shell to be wear with lcg)

tapi. abg zaku dah kahwin. zul dah gi U.K. along dah sibuk jadi tawkey. yeah dah lesap. sapa lagi?
aku cuma boleh harap dekat muzir dan anwar je lah untuk semuanya. sebab mereka sama mcm aku. belajar dan bermain. xd maknenya nk ckp sibuk. kalau sibuk aku tampar diorang laju2. haha~

(XCC rc club member,me 2nd from the right! rank number 6 of 20!)

*kepada navz. gudluck bro dalam d10! aku support ko. sebab ko je lah kwn aku dalam rc drift. yg laen touring. huhuk

Saturday, July 4, 2009

sister of sinister

again. another dead weekend. back where i'm alive with her. it's been always fun weekend which we will hang out at the beach till the sunrises. we've made it through rain or cold. holding each other. but tonight and tomorrow is a different story. i was thinking to go to every place i used to go with her. sister(on the right of picture above) message me just now.

"xpyh nk lyn emo. dh xde masa adik nk lyn emo. dh tiba masa adik sedar,dunia ni xslalu indah.."

ya. it's not always beauty. and it's not always ugly. if life like a wheel. i'm a drifter then. spinning all my life fast without having the grip. my life turned too fast and as i was drifting. i lose my traction on reality...sigh. hope you guys got that part.

my sister also asked me to view the above video and understand the lyrics. it is some quote i like from the lyrics.

"Seems like you put your effort into me, what am I left with?
Nothin' but a canvas with a black and white portrait,
Of me and you, in a burnin' garden of scorchin' orchards.
Simple beauty that's bein torn down by your power,
That constantly pounds on my soul hour after hour,
Now I can hardly breathe, get rid of these memories,
Continually haunting me,
Cant change who I've come to be"

"Nothing I can say or do,
Will take away what I've been through,
What you were is what I've come to be,
Nothing you can say to me,
Will take away these memories,
What you were is what I've come to be!

"These memories hold me tight, till I can hardly breathe"

it's true..