Thursday, July 2, 2009


as i read one of the blog i've known. there is a weird quote there.

"if you can changed ur feeling so instantly
dont you ever talk to me that you believe in destiny

if you can simply replaced ur love
dont you ever said you believe in fate

*because you the one who responsible with
any changes came in your life
it is reaction from your own stupid action

nakagawa imei
akai ito

hurm. intresting to others. but to my point of view. it's always been on the otherside.

destiny is written for us to obey the rules that
we must always alter the present for future

fate is fabricated from our act which results
friction of life motion which make us alive

lalalala...actually no idea of what i'm doing now. it just fun to be the
rebelious,radical and the best part is. resisting from your view. :P

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