Wednesday, July 1, 2009


as i know i can't meet the requirement of law degree. depression haunt me. even though i'm not that interested to law. but i want to finish down what i've started. if i can't make it to the finish line. it was a waste of time then. 3 semester in kuantan learning something that didn't even related to the coming of 6 semester of bachelor program. wtf?! it's not that i'm not trying my best. urm..ok. i didn't try my best. why? i'm too lazy. despite that i manage to maintain my cgpa above 3. muet result of the first semester was killing all my hope. 2 more mark to get band 4. wth?! i was beginning to look things in the negative way. and until now i've in no mood to learn. just letting things flow as time flew. drifting away in depression. how am i going to survive the rest of my final semester in pre-law program? who knows.

i wish i was strong as this man. one of my old friend.

he is non-bumi. which mean no logic reason to rely on ipta or what so ever institutes under the government. his ambition is becoming a doctor. but his add-math is blocking his way. and so he take an O-level or A-level(bit confused). he get a better result and then pursue his ambition in an island in indonesia. don't really know where. i'm doubting the MQA aprroval of his course. but he still going on learning in the tsunami area university. and he is one of the great person in my life. he is hardworking.

i wonder if i can have that kind of "hardworking"...hmm. i'm trying but just now i found this picture. which may influence me not to do so. hehe

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