Saturday, July 4, 2009

sister of sinister

again. another dead weekend. back where i'm alive with her. it's been always fun weekend which we will hang out at the beach till the sunrises. we've made it through rain or cold. holding each other. but tonight and tomorrow is a different story. i was thinking to go to every place i used to go with her. sister(on the right of picture above) message me just now.

"xpyh nk lyn emo. dh xde masa adik nk lyn emo. dh tiba masa adik sedar,dunia ni xslalu indah.."

ya. it's not always beauty. and it's not always ugly. if life like a wheel. i'm a drifter then. spinning all my life fast without having the grip. my life turned too fast and as i was drifting. i lose my traction on reality...sigh. hope you guys got that part.

my sister also asked me to view the above video and understand the lyrics. it is some quote i like from the lyrics.

"Seems like you put your effort into me, what am I left with?
Nothin' but a canvas with a black and white portrait,
Of me and you, in a burnin' garden of scorchin' orchards.
Simple beauty that's bein torn down by your power,
That constantly pounds on my soul hour after hour,
Now I can hardly breathe, get rid of these memories,
Continually haunting me,
Cant change who I've come to be"

"Nothing I can say or do,
Will take away what I've been through,
What you were is what I've come to be,
Nothing you can say to me,
Will take away these memories,
What you were is what I've come to be!

"These memories hold me tight, till I can hardly breathe"

it's true..

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