Wednesday, July 1, 2009

view is vicious(part-1)

instructions of reading

1-please make sure that you are neutral,non bias and non prejudice.
2-please take note that this is nothing have to do with religous thing.

action and reason relation

situation given

i killed someone. that someone is threatening others life. it's for others safety.

view a
i'm a noble man. willing to take the risk of death penalty for the safety of others.

view b
whatever the reason is. i'm the bad guy as i'd killed him. i've should let the law punish him.

now try review the situation with a little tweak. does "one life worth for others life?". the answer might be unclear. as things of right or wrong is something subjective. it can be different as the viewing angle of each people is unique.

as thing might be confusing as action and reason does relate thing and often messed up our mind in describing the right or wrong of certain act done by others. that is why in the holy quran said.
"human does not possessed the judging power of what right and wrong".

eye and lie conspiracy

situation given

i'm clumpsy and lazy. you are smart and educated. but if i'd solve a difficult question in exam people tend to say that it was luck or worst cheating. but if you did it. people said it was worth of your work and you desserve it.

try to close your eye and be honest. some people do have the potential even the physical apperance might deny the potential. bare in mind that
"not all bad guys are bald,not all good guys are great".

faulty in fate

situation given

i believe in fate. i've done my best. even i know it's not that 100%. i'm going to let the fate decide for me.

"believe to fate and giving into fate is two different things". believe in fate is after you got anything you believe that fate is a written destiny that have the reason and meaning behind what all have happened. but if you giving into fate is right before you achived or claim something you going to do your best and let it be what it should people really need to take addmath. differentiate!

now you'll know how things are viewed on the
"otherside of life"
... :)

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