Saturday, July 4, 2009

who i admire

i do admire this one. even it's not a person and it's completely fiction. but being someone like him is nothing else i would be asking from a genie in a bottle. it's like one of perfect presentation of pure antagonist. he nailed all others antagonist as i've expected. he has the force to actually pulls you into his path. and if a genie ask me what would i want. just give me all his characteristics and personality including physical apperance,knowledge,skills and what so ever he have. wahaha.. enough talking. behold. the perfect antagonist short biography.

background in FF

A prototype SOLDIER and the strongest alive, Sephiroth is initially revered for his strength and hailed as a hero, until he learns and misinterprets his origins. Believing himself as the last of the Ancient, Sephiroth enacts a vendetta against mankind, with the ultimate goal of becoming a god and controlling the planet.

hall of fame

Sephiroth is arguably the most popular villain of the Final Fantasy series - his appearance, name, and musical theme are all highly praised among fans and he has appeared in many spin-off titles. He is also consistently voted as one of the top video game villains in polls and lists on video game websites, such as GameSpot and IGN.


Sephiroth, in all his appearances, wears a long black coat with silver pauldrons, black boots, and black clothing underneath. The top of his clothing underneath his uniform is split to reveal his chest, covered by crossing leather straps. His hair is long and silver. Beyond his clothing and hair, Sephiroth is known for his green cat-like eyes and the masamune, his seven-foot long katana that he is rarely seen without.


Sephiroth's personality is one of cold ruthlessness. Prior to his madness,his cold exterior and professional attitude turn people away. He is very intelligent, and is respectful to those he deems worthy. Sephiroth is confident to the point of arrogance, but as the strongest SOLDIER alive it could easily be argued he has the right to be. Well-spoken and somewhat graceful, Sephiroth is universally calm, collected, and in control. He has become highly cruel and delights in mentally torturing.

*isn't it intresting? please. if you haven't played final fantasy. feel free to see the movie of advent children. he was very adorable antagonist. his iconic words in the movie is when he ask cloud. what he cherish the most so he can take it away. what a confident and cruel word isn't it. but that's the way antagonist do! wahahahaha~ sorry. going crazy because i've hasn't sleep for long time. and i've repeated the movie arround 7 times. and it was insane. the ending made me say.

"that was perfect and pure antagonist"

enjoy the below video

sephiroth theme in game

sephiroth apperance in advent children theme

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