Monday, August 17, 2009

race 101 (car)

this is written like a FAQ's but it will assist you in street racing!

1-what is street racing

an illegal racing on open street with pedestrian and traffic.

2-how is street racing begun

light drag
it's all started as a revving contest between two cars at traffic light. when the lights go green, both car go grind their throttle. race finish when you reach the other light or one of the car is ease up.

slicing battle/highway battle
it begun when one car is tailgating other car. then the chasing car is trying to keep up or overtake while the front car try to lose the chasing car. race end when both car pulled away.

organized sprint/circuit
everything is set up and deal before the race. it may begin anywhere and end anywhere. the first one cross the finish point is the winner.

FYI, this is the major type street car racing that is famous in malaysia.
there are still a lot of street racing type out there.

3-how to recognize street racing is on going.(to pedestrian and traffic)

the sound of engine,exhaust,tyre spins and high beam would be a good sign. so get out of the way or else.

4-what is street racer good habits?

after the race lower your window and put the signal thumbs up! and if you
good enough a meet up after the race to trade information would be awesome.

5-things to become good in street racing

do not hesitate any action you about to do. if you've done this, you might end up in a collision or else.

bravery and wise
this two element shouldn't be seperated or you end up losing or dying. being brave is a leap ahead but brave doesn't mean anything if you're not wise enough to curb you bravery.

in a race adrenaline rush is a factor of faster response. but anger can be deadly if they the one who control you. try to ease up in a race so that your mind will be 100% on track.

even though your fighting with your life in street racing but bare in mind dirty tactics will only cost your life sooner or later. try to accept your defeat as it might teach you the techniques that you never know before.

6-which way is better in cornering. gripping or drifting.

gripping would be the best cornering in most corner because maximum motion force is delivered through all tyres. drifting would be the best cornering in tight corner because it losen up your grip so your car would turn without suffer excessive braking.

7-how to take a gripping corner

gripping corner require early braking. but braking doesn't always mean you pushing your brake pedals. you may do so by dropping to lower gear too. when entering the corner, target the apex of it so that you can minimize your length in the corners taking. while exiting the corner try to pull away from the apex to give a longer straight line so that your car would recover the speed lost in cornering. the golden rule is not to brake while inside the corner or your car would be dragged to out of the corner due to excessive momentum. throttle flooring is good in cornering because the faster you go the better the tyre holding the street. but avoid overspin!
gripping corner require planning the corner line so that you can maximize the corner layout.

8-how to take drifting corner

there's a few techniques like feint movement,e-braking,braking and many more. but the concept used is the same. loosen up the rear tyre grip so that your car would enter the corner without suffering vast acceleration lag like the gripping corner. before entering the corner make sure your car front is pointing towards the corner apex. enter the corner while countersteer so the car wouldn't spin out. this can be done by throttle,braking,clutching and steering. finally exit the corner with minimal countersteering or you might end up your car in the feint movement again which might be a waste of time. drifting is easy to learn but hard to be perfect. even keichi the drift king couldn't make it all the time perfect. why? as he said "it's all about physics balanced and dynamics"

9-how to shift faster

shifting faster is all about practice. brush up your foot and hand movement. there's other solution but it require mechanical upgrade.

10-how to tailgating

push your car as close as possible to the front car. the mark would be you can see almost the same size of your light at his bumper reflection or you can't see your bumper on his rear bumper. tailgating could improve your car speed as it reduce air resistance. but don't kiss the car on the front.

11-how to prevent collision when tailgating

brake as the red flash. this solve the problem all the time. while braking try to steer to other direction so that you wouldn't knock front car butt. knowing your car and the front car braking capability would be an important key. if you have brembo or abs while the front is slut braking system. you have nothing to worry as the braking distance advantage is with you. but just be ready with your brake when tailgating or you end up tail kissing.

12-which car is better? 4wd,fwd or rwd.

4wd would be a great drag and sprint car. all tyre's is moving and it's transmission is tough enough for road bashing. however it would reduce the engine capacity as it need more power to move all tyre. fwd would be the car with the best safety measures as you can feel the grip limit easily and this allow you to know your car better. but it's often suffer from understeer.
rwd would be sharper corner car but it have excessive risk of over spinning. extra precautions is needed to counter steer.

13-automatics or manuals?

i say both! amt or also known as automatic manual transmission. end of this question.
both transmission have pros and cons. and it's too long to write!

14-what is race line?

notice on the offical track there is a tyre marking made by racer? it's all quite similiar. this is race line. it is known as the best line for your race. always use it unless you are overtaking. however radical race line might work too. but to me just follow the flow.

15-what is forced induction?

is a forced created by external force to improve the oxygen pressure(boost) on the inside engine. it can be turbocharge,supercharge,twincharger and ram air.

16-which one is the best system?

turbo is known with it efficency as they create pressure from the waste and create most highest boost. but it have turbo lag. supercharge known to have all the way boost but it draw power from the engine itself which made a drag to it and reduce engine power. twincharger is a perfect solution to forced induction but it is too complicated as it is still new. ram air is rare system used in superbike,supercar and formula 1 car. it create boost at high speed but nil in low speed.
the best? depends on car displacement and usage.

any other questions?? feel free to ask. :)


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