Friday, August 28, 2009

sensitive issues

i was instructed to write around 3000 to 4000 words regarding cloning and what i find is that the argument is more on opposing it. but most of them are irrelevant to my eyes. taking example the anti-cloning society is listed below. (i include an opposing statement)

1-challenging god and religious threat

counter argument:
as some people might made us wonder if we take the power of creation what is left to god? here i would like to stress that god is the sole creatorbut god main purpose in life is not creating but guiding. it's guide us towards a better life. so are science. it leads to better life if we can archieve excelent in cloning. bare in mind that i still remember a christian quote says that "god create us in his image,so what we create is his too" there is nothing to be prolonged here as it is clearly stated that what god really want us to do is improving life of human mankind in the path of light. so it is proven that it is vital for us to excel in science in order to complete the god's will. furthermore islam quote also said in quran "human knowledge is nothing more than the bubbles on the ocean". yet we're arguing about god? back to the meaning of cloning. it is a copy. we don't really create. the end of human mankind might be written in one of the islamic scholars quote. "human in the end of days are haunted by excessive worry". so stop worrying or face the end.

2-moral and ethics of cloning

cunter argument:

cloning purpose is to replicate and not revolutioning the human kind. we need clone to assist in human fatal diseases. when we talking about moral. is it moral enough to put a stop before we even trying? we must try first about cloning because we can only predict not decide. i say we take the risk for better life than stop for the angel of death to come. if an organ farm could save life we should done it rather than taking the organ of the dead people. it is more immoral to take persons belonging than replicate others belonging. all things in life have pros and cons. we must minimize the cons. then prevent the technology from being misused. that is how life cycle. if we hate so much about science of cloning. we might not be able to archieve what we have now.

3-overpopulation and food crisis

cloning have a lot of branch. stem cell research is one of those. if it can be boost that mean we can have an artifical food that might have the same nutrious value but it is simpler to grow. that solve the problem. regarding the overpopulation. the cloning technology is the solution. if we could peak at these technology for sure the other technology also improved. such as migrating the clone to artifical island. what does make the difference anyway. our mankind nowadays is repeatedly attack by fatal virus.killing many people. if we gave up on the cloning or stem cell research then we could end up without any cure to these pandemic issues.

4-cloning proven to be easier to die

that is because we don't peak at it till now. so the research must go on right? to preven another death in the clone??

5-what right do we have to experiment a human(clone)

we do have the right as the dna samples is taken from the human host which agreed about it. and we also do our best to ensure the clone life. it's not like we're not trying to do anything. we try to improve the clone life.

any other argument need to be opposed? feel free to post on the comment.


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wah..susahnye..huhuhu.. tp mesti blh wat nye tu .. essay tu ntok sbjek ape??

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So many issues~

Transgender perhaps?

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untuk subjek "global and contemporary issues"..huhu..