Friday, September 18, 2009

victory days

in few hours we will observe the scene where people will celebrate something that annually occurs. it's called aidilfitri. or in malaysia we called it as "hari raya". the days of victory as said in our holy book. it is. but there is two perspective here.

1)let those who fight against their temptation celebrate their victory. as they have won the war. and heaven blessed the victory.

2)to those who lose the fight against that war. it's about time to receive the reinforcement from hell.

actually i view ramadhan as a month of war. it is unliterally a war between our lust and our faith. who ever win or lose. both celebrate syawal. why? because right after the ramadhan all of us will some sort of forgetting what the mean of this war. it is so annual phenomenon that we'll forget what the war have tought us. we won't fight against our lust outside of ramadhan but instead we going to wait till the next one. will we be there next year?

stop saying god's will.
start asking will we?

when we we're celebrating the days of victory. we forgot that the real enemy now is back. we turn our guard down isn't it? we are such a bunch of idiots. who really think we're going to make it there.
just because we did what our ancestors did.
just because we believe what our ancestors believe.
just because we think we are good enough.

owhohoho. shut it up. being a religous people isn't that simple. it's far more complicated road that lies between the easy spiritual belief. trust me. i'm taking based on personal experience of aspostasy. i've study the religion from the outside view back there. and what i saw is.

religon is like an abstract art. it's simple and beauty.
but beneath it. lies thousand meaning.


whatever it is. i think most of you didn't get it.
happy "hari raya".

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