Friday, October 23, 2009

current life

currently i'm spending most of my time by exercising and sleeping. life start at midnight. dunno why. but it's like a symptom. playing badminton for 2 hours and running half an hour. it's tiresome. sleep for almost 6 hour. it's killing my time. but for god sake. i'm enjoying it.

i mean. without any problem to think over or anyone to take care. life flow fluently smooth. unlike before. where i've got tremendous things to get over with. not to forget being like 7 eleven to girl. what i mean? here funny facts of girls.

1)you have to be around them 24/7. just like 7 eleven.
2)you have to report any activities just like working at 7 eleven.
3)you have to work damn hard to kept them satisfied. but at the end. she cut your payment. not paying of most of the time.
4)you have to start boring conversation just to kept she felt appreciated.
5)you have to be un-literally a slave. haha. :)

it's true. people says relation need commitment. but to me. relation need space. i'm taking a huge space by this sem break. not taking anyone to be the one. but trying to pampered myself with a lot of enjoyment. rather than emotion. the rule is simple.

"everything has it's own tide. surf it!"

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