Thursday, December 3, 2009

my quotes!

there are many words said by us all in each day. but some of them kept sticking in mind. here some of mine!

"life is hard, just get tougher"
-words to a girl who just being dumped.

"there's reason why the sky doesn't always blue"
-words to myself when i cry.

"lie only one alpha' short than life"
-i whisper to the person i lie to

"everything has it's own tide, surf it"
-said to my friend when we both ate maggi for whole month (money issue)

"with great horsepower, comes great handling"
-my words to a person who just install turbo a week before crash

"FR makes fast car, FF makes fast driver"
-when my car was beaten by a mean honda. XD

"speeding not stupid because it's pure skills"
-to a girl who hate racing so much

"why run if you can walk"
-dedicated to my mother..hehe..

actually there's a lot more. but enough of me. let's read others quote that i love!

"you win some,lose some and wreck some"
-dale earnheartd sr.

"auto racing is boring except when a car is going 172mph upside down"
-dave barry

"to finish first, you must first finish"
-rick mears

"aerodynamics is for those who cannot manufacture good engines"
-enzo ferrari

"the crashes people remember, but drivers remember the near misses"
-mario andretti

"they've only got two hands and two feet, haven't they? i can dust'em off"
-glen "fireball"

"alcohol for drinking. gas for cleaning parts. nitro for racing"

"driver of genuine 'kill yourself kit' employment"
-onlin davis

"success is where preparation and opportunity meet"
-bobby unser

"if you keep running, you'll get something"
-richard petty

"no one wants to quit when he's losing and no one wants to quit when he's winning"
-richard petty

"what is power without control"
-keichi tsuchiya

"men with guts attack those corners"
-keichi tsuchiya

wallah!! there you go. have a nice day!