Monday, January 25, 2010

crash,collide and cold

last wednesday. i've crashed the bike. i aint going to say anything. lets the picture talk the rest.

aftermath picture taken at my college

can you see the sport rim? it was bend and broken.

the cover set was broken and swing arm was twisted

so here my bills.

fork tripod-rm295
reason:obviously it was damaged. there was a major crack.

fork set-rm100
reason:the impact left it to bend badly.

frame balancing-rm120
reason:the mainframe of the bike was pushed towards the inside.

handle bar-rm60
reason:easy said that it can be hold anything any longer

swingarm balancing-rm60
reason:the swingarm was twisted a bit to the right

reason:obviously it was torned up

reason:it was broken into million pieces

sport rim-free
reason:the old rim was splitting up due to the crash

total: exceed rm1000.

i was flying about 4feet height and 8feet distance after hit the divider.

internal injuries could be fatal. now? counting days.


Dr Violin said...

tulang patah ker?? or just scratches??

granulaz said...

retak n retak..tadaa..