Saturday, February 6, 2010

the epic tales

a master tells his student to fill up a small cup with the whole jug of water. and it should never spills up no matter what. the students tries and fail,so the master says. if you fills a cup that is already full. it's going to spill. if you wanna fill the cup,you have to throw away the old water away first.

a master tells his student to collect the most beautiful leaf. but he should only have one leaf in his possession and never go beyond the a tree. the students picked one. and then he sees another one. he throw the old leaf and pick up the new one. without noticing that he already pass the tree. when he realize. it's already too late.

at the student last day. his master tells him. remember. life is a journey. and so the student begin his journey that day. he says to me. life is a journey. but the destination is home. hence life is a homecoming.


this epic tales is compiling a few tales that have been changing my life recently regarding religion and life. the first tales is first seen by me in 2012 movie. if you want to adapt something new you have to throw the old one. the second tales was first heard by me from my housemate name abbad. if you kept searching you'll never find. and without realizing you already dead. and the last tales was first discovered by my own. life is a homecoming for us. we are going back up there literally.

the end~