Wednesday, January 4, 2012

one year one picture one story

as 2011 ends. 
lots of memory to be remembered,
 lots of scars to be covered and 
lots of smile to be cherished.

early 2011, 
january highlight

ended my apprentice program at Zagato auto garage
good working experience. gave me a lot of knowledge about my own alfa romeo cars. who says it easy to work there?in middle of the sun, lifting 1k kg with only a fulcrum with one your buddy,  you work from 10-6, monday till saturday. when you get home. all energy left is to eat and sleep. =_=

done a great artwork i'm proud of till today
done a great artwork(for me) on my helmet visor. pretty cool i think. idea taken from starcraft 2.
also a frequent visitors on karaoke box
yes my voice ain't that good. but it's very relaxing. screaming like hell or just feel the song and cried. 

february highlight

a yearly event that me and my friend usually done on chinese new year. we gone full attack on fraser hills winding road. seek for fun and pleasure. 
bike line up, mine on the middle. 

missile in the air
releasing a controversial picture of me and my current gf. the same month we also travelled to kuala kangsar together to attend her ex teacher wedding. nice trip. :)

march highlight

mission accomplished
after a few month we both struggled in defining our relationship. finally we sealed the deal by 14/03. or 11/03 where something important happened between us. :)

april highlight

zera final spec upgrade
my bike had been overhauled and received an extensive modifications by receiving a tzm carb and additional engine mods

may highlight

first crash of my life
this is basically the worst and the first crash i ever had in my driving career.  it ended my accident free streak for 2 years. :'(

june highlight

started working as a runner
a simple job with a high paying allowance. relax and chilled. all the time. trust me. 

learned how to go fishing!
my friends 'racun' me for an hour and i bought a fishing rod and followed them instantly! XD

this is also i've been into dyno and professional performance workshop for proper advice about my car. :)

RC fever is back~
my RC (XCC) club had been kind enough to invite me to their event where we controlled a booth of touring rc car event on PJRC power boat international event

july highlight

head blow
my car received top overhaul and i put some art work on my car. ekekeke..see the red? that's my work. 

august highlight

first dinner with XCC family
my RC team never done this. and i'm proud to be part of it! congratz guys. should done it more often.

shopping and raya~!!!
gone shopping at jln TAR and then...tadaaa..nice couple outfit. the sale girls said 
"macam nak match pengantin". hahaha~

september highlight

my sister is married
a simple ceremony due to her short break and had to leave the country. the real event will be done on this march. i'll invite all of you guys! come2~

drawing again!
used to loved drawing. and this is my latest drawing. bit weird right? =_=

october highlight

completed UR series!
bought all UR series bar for my it's prettier and handled better

november highlight

my gf bought me this super cute ultraman. i just loved ultraman and she knows it. :) mine is the red one.

not much.. 
most of the time this month i'm on a date with my loved one. like all weekend. hihi

december highlight

her birthday!
her wishes are to get a bday cake and go genting. so i've done both of them. and in addition we also went to bukit tinggi. ;)

new year celebration!
went to the curve. the most happening place for new year every single year. so here is why it's happening. excessive usage of snow spray from over excited crowd.


PHEW~! and that's all 2011 that i want to remember. 
so 2012? it's a new beginning. :)
cheers everyone. enjoy the year lies ahead!


Vee Hunney said...

you know what b.. masa i choose to be with you , masa tu i fikir.. this is the last . no more pening2 ! cuz you know what we had been through kan.. and whatever happen , i'll stick with you je . HAHA . and thank God , until now we still together after so many thing happened . muahxx ! i love you b :) thanks for always be there for me <3

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