Tuesday, September 25, 2012

life long dream

hi guys. it's been a while since i've written an entry in this lame blog of mine. i remember back in '09-10. hell. there was lot of post and lot's of friends(blogger). i wonder if they still out there? if you are out there. just drop by the chat box and i'll hit you back for sure. ;)

alright guys. remembered back in '09 when i was first promised to be given BMW e36 325i. yes. at that moment i've already planned to enter SIC with it. but. it turns out i've been awarded with Alfa Romeo 146 1.7 boxer. hell of a car. been driving it for over 3 years. and still serving me the adequate adrenaline meals. :P

so. last sunday, 23rd sept. 2012. the day marked my inaugural entrance into the battlefield of SIC. yes. participated in track day organized by Ftuned Racing. alongside 7 other Alfa Romeo representing AROCKV. we grind that tarmac real good.

there's something about before big events. some people call stage fright. some call them the yips. but what i think? it was major freak out and boy. you'll get so nervous that you don't even make sense and can't do simple things.

thank god. my co-pilot was a track amateur named anjang. and bunch of other people who given pretty useful tips and technique. joe,ejad,amir,nick,daniel,farouk and few others. also RBR autocare support team. khai and aimran was a huge helps when they assist in last minute track prep.

frankly speaking, i only known that i'm going to participate less than 2 hours. so, yes. my car are not prepared so do i. for that i would like to thanks to all the supports i have that day. including AROCKV group encouraging me to just go with it.

all in all. it was a very fun day. never driven my car that hard. and never ever imagined i would have the experience of racing in SIC. even it was track day. but trust me. no one will enter SIC if they aren't gonna trash their car as hard as possible.

enough with this. let's view the day from another medium. the picture. coz picture speaks thousands word. enjoy my piece of experience.

anjang my co-pilot on left and me

the group shot of participant. find me if you can. ;)

out of racing line just to get this photo taken. haha

yes. that my 1.7 boxer beating the crap out of 2.0 v6 turbo

the line of the serpent that day that invades SIC

AROCKV media team preparing GoPro for video

right before trashing the car. wuhuu~

from the left, farouk of ftuned racing, my car, farouk wife, joe  car

leading the pack. ;)

F-4, stands for flat-4 configuration (boxer)

the guards are shocked. rarely an alfa enters SIC. ;)

alright, here we go guys! :D

in a blink 4 laps done. :P

was grinding the pedal to the floor

another round for time attack.

last turn. and the body rolls like hell. 

aftermath, they all chilling and i was checking my burned and ripped tires. XD

life long dream. most of them are completed. next? 
get married. hopefully with my lovely vee hunney. ;)
the end! till next post guys. :)


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